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Stay Green Keep SMART and vote YES on Measure I

By Dani Sheehan-Meyer

Friends of SMART

January 13, 2020

I have been attending the SMART board meetings since October 2018. I have learned so much about systems and processes and I have really, nothing but praise for the General Manager and staff as well as the board (all elected officials). There are many moving parts, pun intended, to building a railroad - the grant process alone is staggering, much more the actual infrastructure and regulations mandated by different agencies. At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, this is a railroad the citizens of Marin and Sonoma counties can be very proud of. I have no doubt that we will build the bridge to Healdsburg and on to Cloverdale. If one can imagine, connecting to Suisun, through Shellville and a connection to the raceway and then to the East Bay and truly points beyond. - Well, it is so exciting, and I will see this not only in my lifetime but also perhaps in the next ten years!

To those that still desire bus lanes and other nonsense - go ride a train. It’s fabulous.

Dani Sheehan-Meyer



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Adam Wright
Adam Wright
Jan 22, 2020

Dani I'm a massive fan, but we really need you guys to step up your game here. The trolls are going in hard, and it's crickets from you. Why aren't you on social media countering all of this?

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