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Creating a Rider First Seamless Transit System

Seamless Bay Area

Public transportation in the Bay Area does not work for people.

Unreliable service, slow speeds, lack of connections, confusing information: the poor experience of using Bay Area public transit causes many people avoid it completely. It's no wonder only 5% of people’s trips in the Bay Area are on transit, while at least 70% are in cars.

The Bay Area's lack of a connected, convenient public transportation system hurts us all. It leaves many people with no option but to drive everywhere, spending more of their paycheck on transportation costs, and more of their time in long commutes. As the Bay Area continues to grow, inadequate public transportation worsens our region's most pressing problems

Seamless Bay Area’s mission is to transform the Bay Area’s fragmented public transit into a world-class, unified, equitable, and widely-used system by building a diverse movement for change and promoting policy reforms.

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