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Citizen Presentation to SMART Board of Directors Meeting

Citizen Presentation to SMART Board of Directors Meeting

By Carolyn Jorgensen, MBA

April 18, 2023

With an opinion Public Comment to SMART BoD April 18, 2023

My husband Patrick and I are 7-year Airbnb hosts in Santa Rosa. We have had guests from all over the world. Our place is about 10 minutes from the Santa Rosa North SMART station. Our host coalitions have websites and social media pages where we can share with fellow hosts (about 300 in Santa Rosa) information for our guests. I personally like to share with interested guests how they can see the Sonoma to Marin to SF geography using our SMART Rail to Sail.

We also ride the train with our bikes to Petaluma, Novato and Larkspur. I use the MUPs as well.

Please keep in mind that SMART passengers come from all over California, US, and the world.

Below is a recent review from our guest who lives in Durham, North Carolina who was visiting his young adult daughter who lives here:

Objective: To address issues that impact ridership of the SMART train for diverse people locally and from beyond.

Many of these issues have been reported to SMART staff in an ad hoc method via email. It would be the goal of submitting this information to put the issues on record to receive a timeline by SMART for their consideration and when applicable, correction and update.

A. Station signage: To improve the access of the train for various riders; pedestrians, transit users, cyclists and the disabled using pathway maps, transit connections and ticketing

In train visuals: To inform the riders of connections and ticket purchase (SMART app).

B. Additions to website Connections page: Additional content to include a SMART developed OAK to SMART map and related airport connections.

C. Operational issues frequently asked about amongst riders: Accountability for publicly funded existing or previous functions.

D. And E. Community Engagement Projects: Increase support for ridership Contents.



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